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UHV project drives sulfur hexafluoride in the second half of the year

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UHV project drives sulfur hexafluoride in the second half of the year

Issue Time:2020-07-17
Due to various factors, the market of sulfur hexafluoride in the first half of 2020 was dull, and the local focus was slightly lower. According to data from Zhuochuang, Shandong industrial grade sulfur hexafluoride offers 42,000-45000 yuan/ton, and electronic grade offers 56000-58000 yuan/ton. Henan industrial grade sulfur hexafluoride is self-produced 40,000-48000 yuan/ton; electronic grade sulfur hexafluoride is self-produced about 70,000 yuan/ton. In Fujian, industrial-grade sulfur hexafluoride is self-raised 40,000-45,000 yuan/ton, and electronic-grade sulfur hexafluoride is self-raised 46,000-55,000 yuan/ton. The main influencing factors are as follows:
Containment of emergencies, slow recovery of downstream demand
Under the influence of public health incidents, the Spring Festival holiday began with limited transportation and slow resource circulation. Some sulfur hexafluoride production enterprises chose to stop, and the operating enterprises also maintained a low load situation. In early March, as the downstream industries resumed in succession, the market mentality improved somewhat, but the overall demand side recovered to varying degrees, coupled with loose production capacity, the market atmosphere for sulfur hexafluoride was relatively general. From April to May, foreign public health events began to ferment, which to some extent affected the development of foreign trade of some enterprises.
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