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Titanium dioxide price recovery rose

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Titanium dioxide price recovery rose

Issue Time:2020-07-14
On July 3, Panzhihua Zhengyuan Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the price of the company's anatase titanium dioxide will increase by 500 yuan (ton price, the same below) from July 6. Prior to June 28, Panzhihua Tihai Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it would increase the domestic trade price of rutile titanium dioxide by 500 yuan and the foreign trade price by 80 dollars from now on; anatase titanium dioxide THA2000, Dingxing anatase titanium The price of domestic powder PDA1000 is increased by 500 yuan, and the price of foreign trade is increased by 80 US dollars.....

   In fact, regardless of titanium dioxide production enterprises or distributors recently, price adjustment based on their own inventory has become very common, and the titanium dioxide market has basically stopped falling. At present, the mainstream quotations of most domestic rutile-type rutile and anatase titanium dioxides are 12,000~13,800 and 10,000~11,000 respectively; the mainstream prices of domestic and imported chlorinated rutile titanium dioxide are 17,000~1.85, respectively. 10,000 yuan and 25,500 to 28,000 yuan.
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