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Soda ash futures market is weak and volatile

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Soda ash futures market is weak and volatile

Issue Time:2020-06-01
Recently, the soda ash futures market has been weak and volatile, and the decline has slowed down. In terms of cost, the cost of soda ash is supporting collapse due to the price reduction of raw materials such as salt, coal and limestone.
   At present, the spot inventory of flat glass is still at a high level. However, with the downward adjustment of glass prices, the replenishment situation of downstream processing companies and traders has slightly improved. In addition, some production lines in North China have been discontinued. The supply and demand of glass spot is expected to improve, which will also help expand the consumption demand for soda ash.
On the whole, with the overhaul of soda ash enterprises and the gradual improvement of downstream glass consumption demand, the prices of soda ash futures are expected to reach lows and stabilize.
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