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The development trend of Sinopec and chemical raw material industry in the next ten years

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The development trend of Sinopec and chemical raw material industry in the next ten years

Issue Time:2017-12-11

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In the next ten years, it is the key period for the development of the world's oil and chemical industries, and also the opportunity for the industrial transformation and development of the Sinopec. How to adapt to the trend of development of the petrochemical industry in the world, out of a road with China characteristics of innovation and development, foster new competitive advantages and new economic growth point, to speed up the petroleum and chemical industry power to power across the China, petroleum and chemical industry faces an important choice of future prospects for the future development of a series of relations.

After decades of rapid development, the Sinopec industry has become an important part of the world's petrochemical industry. However, it faces a series of new contradictions and new problems, which pose a severe challenge to Sinopec industry development.

In order to promote China's petrochemical and chemical industry raw materials supply side structural reforms, in order to solve several major contradictions facing the current industry during 13th Five-Year, put forward the corresponding solution strategy and policy, also for the next ten years the development of China's petrochemical and chemical raw materials industry and put forward relevant suggestions, mainly reflected in the six a.

Firstly, the total amount of chemical raw materials and the oil industry will grow steadily. It is expected to reach 16 trillion yuan in total GDP by 2020.

Secondly, the market scale of chemical industry and other related industries will expand. The consumption of most chemical products in China will increase by an average annual growth rate of over 5%. The annual growth rate of new chemical materials and high-end specialty chemicals can reach 8% to 10%.

Thirdly, the supply capacity will be optimized and improved. By eliminating the "zombie enterprises" and other measures to reduce excess capacity, accelerate the development of new energy and new materials and other strategic emerging industries and producer services.

Fourthly, we should optimize and adjust the industrial structure of our industry, and vigorously expand the high-end market scale of new chemical materials, special chemicals, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, energy saving, environmental protection and information biology, and improve the self-sufficiency rate and occupancy rate of high-end products.

Fifthly, it is reasonable to control the industrial layout, the west, northeast and other resource rich regions to combine regional market development to the industrial chain, East China, North China and Southern China and other regions rely on the mainland import raw materials and resources, the development of differentiated products and high-end, environmental protection industry.

Sixthly, it will further promote the energy saving and emission reduction work in the petrochemical industry of chemical raw material industry, and actively practice clean production.

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