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Xinjiang found nearly ten million mu of selenium rich soil resources

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Xinjiang found nearly ten million mu of selenium rich soil resources

Issue Time:2017-07-24

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On 11,  reporters got news from the Xinjiang UygurAutonomous Region Bureau of Geology and mineral resources geological survey,after a few years, Xinjiang geology and mineral resources department found atotal of 9 million 850 thousand acres of selenium rich soil resources in thenorth and south of the Tianshan Mountains, which will help to enhance theeconomic value of agricultural products, agricultural development to Se.

According to the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources ofthe autonomous region, the geological personnel through detailed evaluation ofsoil nutrients, soil environment and soil quality index, found that seleniumrich soil of 9 million 850 thousand acres in 14 counties of Urumqi City,Wujiaqu City, Shihezi City, Shawan County and Xinjiang production andConstruction Corps first division, second division, fourth division, eighthdivision etc. to reach the standard, found a total of 16 kinds of selenium richagricultural products.

Among them, the selenium content of Shawan County in XinjiangCounty of Tacheng province is more than 60%, and the selenium accumulation rateof crops in Wensu County, Akesu County, Bayinguoleng Autonomous Prefecture andYanqi County of Mongolia province is over 90%. In order to speed up thetransformation of resource advantages into economic advantages, Shawan Countyhas established a production base of 32 thousand acres of selenium richagricultural products by utilizing the advantages of selenium enrichment, whichhas realized the increase of 100 yuan per mu.

The survey found that Xinjiang Institute of geologicalsurvey, wheat, rice, corn, chili is easy to absorb selenium in soil, seleniumcontent in rice enriched area of up to 0.115 mg per kg, up to 0.104 mg ofwheat, corn is 0.071 mg, apple, tomato, red dates is lower than the seleniumcontent of rice and corn.

Selenium, knownas the "king of cancer", is a necessary trace element of the humanbody. It has high antioxidation and improves the immunity of human body. Properselenium supplementation can prevent organ aging and pathological changes.Selenium resources are scarce in China. Only a few selenium rich soil resourcesare found in a few provinces, such as Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hainan and Qinghaiprovinces.

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