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The USA investigates domestic rare earth resources to get rid of the dependence on China

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The USA investigates domestic rare earth resources to get rid of the dependence on China

Issue Time:2017-06-26

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The Chinese net news, US media says theU.S. department of energy (DOE) announced a test item, investigating the US domestic rare earth resources. The move was welcomed by a U.S. Congressman at least.

On June 20, according to the voice of America radio website reported that rare earths are some elements on the periodic table looks very humble, but for electronics manufacturing, military equipment, and some health is very important.

According to a republican Congressman from Pennsylvania Lou barletta said, rare earth resources supply in the United States, one hundred percent comes from China.

The representative said that China's rareearth reserves ranked first in the world. These elements, including yttrium,scandium, neodymium and cerium, can be extracted in a variety of ways,including the remainder of coal mining.

The US Department of energy said it would invest $6 million 900 thousand to study ways to extract rare earths and produce them in the United states.

Barletta said, one is close to the Tamaka funded mining sites, located in the state of Pennsylvania Hazelton jeddo mine company.

Other locations of rare earth project department of energy concern including Georgia, Albany, Tuska Roosa and Virginia at the junction of Alabama and West Virginia at bloom field.

Barletta congressman said that this projectis crucial to U.S. National security. If the United States can develop its own rare earth elements, the military and medical departments will no longer need to rely on china.

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