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How do the chemical industry develop nowadays?

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How do the chemical industry develop nowadays?

Issue Time:2017-04-12

At presentchemical industry development has two notable features: The first , chemicalmanufacturers  must take environmentalprotection and energy saving route  ,High pollution, high  energy consumptioncompanies must be closed one after another . The second , chemical plant is atthe top of commodity production chain , because of the improvement of people'sliving standard ,the quality of the chemical production also  follows the principle of survival of thefittest  , it will be towards thedevelopment of quality chemical industry .  

Dye market concentration continued toimprove Profitability will improve for a long time

China has become the world's largest dyeproducer and trading country .  In 2015the national total dye production reached 922,000 tons, account for 60%-70% ofthe world's total output .In recent years ,the growth of  dye production and consumption  is slowing down . The yield of downstreamfirm remained stable for printed and dyed fabrics . All these indicate thatChina's dyestuff industry has entered a mature period .With the gradualdeepening of environmental policy , environmentally  dyes are  also increasingly recognized,  entering  into dyeing industry is getting more and more difficult ,  Industry giant market share  is gradually increasing . In the future after the production capacity that the industry giant has been planning  has been put gradually , dye industry marketwould be expected to be more concentrated .

Dye costs accounted for the proportion of thedownstream printing and dyeing industry costs about 14% . Dye prices tend to conductto downstream . These characteristics determine the dye products to maintainhigh gross margin will be the inevitable result of the long-term development ofthe market . 

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