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What are the ways to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions?

What are the ways to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions?

Update Time:2020-04-01
1. The raw coal desulfurization technology can remove about 40% to 60% of inorganic sulfur in coal.
2. Give priority to low-sulfur fuels, such as low-sulfur coal and natural gas with low sulfur.
3. Improve coal-fired technology to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides during coal combustion. For example, liquefied coal combustion technology is one of the new technologies that are welcomed by all countries. It mainly uses the addition of limestone and dolomite to react with sulfur dioxide to form calcium sulfate and discharge it with ash.
4. Flue gas desulfurization is carried out before the flue gas formed by the combustion of coal is discharged into the atmosphere. At present, the lime method is mainly used to remove 85% to 90% of sulfur dioxide gas in the flue gas. However, the desulfurization effect is good but it is very expensive. For example, the cost of installing a flue gas desulfurization unit in a thermal power plant should be as much as 25% of the total investment in the power plant. This is also one of the main difficulties in managing acid rain.
5. Develop new energy sources, such as solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, combustible ice, etc., but the current technology is not mature enough, if it will cause new pollution, and the cost is very high.

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